I will find another way to get Tiana her restaurant!


(brushes crumbs off bed) yea baby hop on in



I almost forgot my briefcase!

it contains important lab results


QueenS of ConsciousnesS & Sex-RadicalisM in Hip Hop: On ErykaH BadU & The NotoriouS K.I.M.  By queer Professor Greg Thomas, Ph.D. 

The world of music constantly pits “sexuality” against “consciousness” in its commentary, especially when Black music is  the subject at hand;  internationally, it divides music with “positive,” “progressive” or “political” content from “sex-driven” music which is, supposedly, “sensational,” “scandalous” and “slack.”  This line of thinking goes well beyond contemporary critics and consumers.  For over five hundred years, the Western world of ideas has itself opposed sexuality and consciousness, rigidly, laying the foundation for an entire culture to interpret “eroticism” as a threat to “intelligence,” “bodies” as menaces to “minds” and “sensuality” as an enemy to “rationality” or rationalism.  The European oppression of most of the world’s peoples, African people most of all, it continues to use this bi-polar world-view to advance a racist empire that is every bit as much sexist, class-elitist and homophobic  as it is racist or white-supremacist.


Deathbeds \ Bring Me The Horizon

Bring Me The Horizon | Minneapolis, MN | July 2013
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"*Angry British Accent* SIT THE F**K DOWN."
(note: and then everybody started crying and left warped tour)
(not: not really)